ASU-TV Student Staff


These students are part of the ASU-TV team in charge of producing local shows on Channel 18.

Caleb Silvey

Station Manager



Caleb Silvey is a Senior Creative Media Production major with an emphasis in Narrative Media from Magnolia, AR. He currently serves as ASU-TV’s Station Manager and co-produces the mockumentary show The Advisor. He has served at ASU-TV since August 2014, previously working with shows such as Reel Talk, My Life’s Playbook, Red Wolf Round Table, and The ‘Boro. He currently interns at Anthem Pictures in Joneboro and works as an independent filmmaker on the side.

The Adivsor is an original mockumentary TV show broadcasted on ASU-TV. It follows the story of ambitious student advisor Daniel Wolfe and his attempt to find the perfect major for apathetic student Tom. It stars Drew Hancock as Daniel, Seth Cleveland as Tom, and Sarah Pitts as Daniel’s Theatre major assistant Kate.

Colten Tripp



Colten Tripp is a senior at Arkansas State University.  He was born and raised in Cabot, Arkansas by both his mother and father who always encouraged him to do what he loved for a living and gave him the tools to get there.

Tripp graduated from Cabot High School with honors and received the Ted Rand ABA scholarship to ASU and began working on the sports show his freshman year as an on air talent.

Now, he is a part of the ASU-TV staff. He produces and sometimes hosts the Red Wolf Round Table show. Majoring in Multimedia Journalism, Tripp plans to be a sports journalist after graduating from Arkansas State University.

 Kaitlyn DeFord



Kaitlyn is a senior creative media production major with an emphasis in Narrative Media. She produces the Fine Arts at the Fowler program and Your State of Health with Dr. Bowman. She also produces the magical girl series Semester. Upon graduation from A-State, she will be enrolling in a graduate program for Digital Filmmaking Degree.

Kaitlyn said she sets her goals high because she wants to move to California and achieve her dreams.

Lindsey Mills



A senior creative Media Production major and theatre minor from Hot Springs, AR, Lindsey has a love for film, music, theatre, books and all forms of storytelling. Aside from producing for ASU TV Lindsey enjoys a job and internship for Gearhead Outfitters, runs Cross Country and Track for Astate and spends as much time as possible outdoors.
Her show, The ‘Boro came from the desire to do something different than had ever been done on ASU TV. The result is a show that informs viewers about unique destinations all around Jonesboro by using an on set interview as well as on-location footage of each destination. The show offers a unique vantage point of what Jonesboro has to offer as well as a chance for the audience to get involved with the show and it’s participants via social media.

Drew Hancock

Sports Producer


Drew Hancock is a Creative Media Production major ( Audio/Video Production emphasis) in Jonesboro, AR. He has 6 years of video production experience, including 4 years specializing in sports broadcast. He began volunteering for ASU TV his freshman year and was hired as a staff member his junior year. Since starting at ASUTV, he has filmed and edited for “YOU, ME and the Community,”operated cameras for “The Boro,” filmed and edited “Animal Control,” ran audio for “RED Wolf Round Table,”directed segments of “My Life’s Playbook,” and is currently playing the role of Daniel Wolfe in “The Advisor.”

Drew enjoys every aspect of production and post-production, and likes to be involved with live broadcasts as well as isolated shoots. He, along with Trent Taylor, is a sports producer for Arkansas State, and helps lead one of the best university-ran student-directed ESPN3 programs in the nation. He is also an independent content creator who has created a wide range of projects such as: two music videos, highlights reels, public service announcements, comedy gameplay videos, private business logos, human interest stories, and much more.

Eric Keasler



Eric Keasler is a junior communication studies major with an emphasis in Public Communication. Eric came from Batesville, Arkansas and began his involvement with ASU-TV his freshman year and has since been part of multiple ASU-TV and ESPN3 productions. Since his freshman year he has been involved with programs such as “Animal Control”, “My Life’s Playbook”, “The ‘Boro”, “Fine Arts at the Fowler”, various Arkansas State Basketball broadcasts with ESPN3, the annual UPC Telethon, and several commercial projects with the Downtown Jonesboro Association during his internship with them his sophomore year. Eric is also a cadet of Arkansas States’ ROTC Red Wolf Battalion with dual career aspirations for Army Public Affairs and the civilian television industry.

Eric co-produces Fine Arts at the Fowler alongside Kaitlyn Deford and co-produces SPEAK, a new talk show program covering current pop culture trends and entertainment, alongside Brandis Douglas and Cody Moore.

Jacob Stewart



Jacob Stewart is from Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.  He is a sophomore. He currently an undeclared major but is considering  majoring in Creative Media Production. He is the creator and writer for the mockumentary “The Advisor,” which he produces alongside Caleb Silvey.

He volunteered for ASUTV his freshman year, where he created the program  “The Advisor.” He became a full-time staff member his sophomore year.

Trent Taylor

Sports Producer


Trent Taylor is a senior Creative Media Production major with an emphasis in Sports Production with a double major in Agricultural Business. Trent is from Valley Springs, Arkansas.  He began volunteering for ASU-TV his junior year and has been involved in multiple ASU-TV productions. Trent is involved with Red Wolf Round Table, SPEAK, UPC Telethon, and numerous ESPN3 productions.  Trent’s current career goal is to work in television broadcasting.

Trent currently serves as a sports producer alongside Drew Hancock.  Trent is involved in the game day productions of football, men and women’s basketball, and volleyball.  In addition to this, Trent is involved in the ESPN3 productions for mend and women’s basketball, volleyball and baseball.

Brandis-Edwina Douglas



Brandis-Edwina Douglas is a junior multimedia journalism major with an emphasis in broadcast, originally from Atlanta, Georgia currently residing in West Memphis, Arkansas. She produces and hosts SPEAK, a talk show on ASUTV. She holds the treasurer position of Arkansas State Association of Black Journalists and a columnist for The Herald, the Astate newspaper. She is also the PR manager and a DJ for Red Wolf Radio, Astate’s radio station.

Interested in becoming a staff member?

Look out for our meeting times in the 2017 spring semester posted around the first floor of the Media and Communications building.