Current Shows

Fine Arts at the Fowler

Fine Arts at the Fowler is an art program where we film concerts and other musical talents and broadcast them on Channel 18 and on ASU-TV.

Concerts held at the Fowler Center air on ASU-TV. Unfortunately, we cannot post concerts online because of copyright laws.

Marston at the Movies

Marston at the Movies takes a deeper dive into the world of film with your host Tyler Marston.

Red Wolf Roundtable

Red Wolf Roundtable is a sports talk show filled with in-depth analysis and debate, covering Arkansas State sports as well as sports across the nation. Every week analysts provide viewers with the latest news in the world of sports, share their takes, and provide their opinions on these matters.

Swole Town Road

Swole Town Road is a health and fitness program where we will give information from correct lifting form to cheap healthy recipes.

Under the Arch


Under the Arch is a narrative fiction that explores the life of a different student with desperation for professional success with each episode. Will they overcome the inevitable obstacles that come up along the way or will succumb to the sometimes immoral temptations that can only be found Under the Arch?



Vessels takes place after the mysterious disappearance of 3/4 of the human population. David Belk, a young man haunted by the losses he has endured, struggles to maintain hope as he fulfills the duties of Bell Keeper of the Ridge.