What is You, Me, and the Community?

A 30-minute public affairs program created to showcase non-profit organizations and what they do for the community.  I went out into the community to these organizations and conducted interviews, shot video footage for their events that were taking place, gathered all the material and made a feature story to be featured on the program.

After footage was gathered throughout the week, the executive directors and representatives were invited into our studios onset to discuss more in details how they helped the community and how can people volunteer to be more involved.

Productions take place each Friday during the semester from 1:00 – 2:00 pm.  Gray also feature campus organizations as well to showcase how students care about service and how those on campus can be more active for a better cause.

So far, there have been 38 organizations and 75 different executive directors and representatives featured on the program.

 Non-Profit and Student Organizations Featured: